100% gluten-free cakes



100% sugar-free and low-carb cakes



100% vegan and lactose-free cakes


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Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order!

Slagroomtaart gluten-free

The Dutch Classic Slagroomtaart
100% gluten-free!


Triple chocolate cake (gluten and lactose free!)

Attention chocoholics! A delicious triple chocolate cake


Vegan Red Velvet

Moist and fluffy red velvet layers with vegan cream cheese frosting.


Vegan Chocobomb

Rich and moist chocolate cake


Gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan cakes everyone can enjoy

Shop gluten-free, sugar-free or vegan cakes? These are our bestsellers

Celebrate without having to compromise your diet

Because every day is cake day if the cake is this healthy and good for you! Whether you’re skipping gluten, refined sugars or are a 100% plant based everyone can enjoy an OKayks cake. Every day our team is ready to deliver the best gluten-free, low-carb and vegan cakes to you. Celebrate with friends and family, it’s the first cake you can’t say no to.

We’ve partnered with two special bakeries that have had years of experience in meeting (strict) dietary requirements. One of which is 100% gluten-free bakery and completely celiac-safe. Orders that are put in before 23:59 are delivered the next business day. To ensure your cake stays cool and arrives in mint condition we use special packaging and cool packs that can be recycled.

What is your favorite?

To the shop

Ordering is a piece of cake!

Cakes and diets don’t necessarily go hand in hand. We’ve personally seen and experienced how difficult it can be to have a sweet tooth, only to then have to fetch the packaging out of the garbage bin to check the list of ingredients. Our mission at OKayks is that everyone can say yes to that piece of cake without compromising their diet, or fearing that it will trigger their allergies or intolerances.

Ordering from the online shop is a piece of cake (pun intended). If you put your order in before 23:59 your cake can be delivered the next business day. So what are you waiting for… It’s someone’s birthday somewhere, right?

Prepared with love and care

OKayks genuinely cares about your specific dietary needs. All of our gluten-free cakes are baked in a segregated gluten-free bakery, to avoid cross contamination. Our vegan cakes are baked in a separate bakery that has years of experience with vegan baking and our vegan cakes are also 100% peanut free!

Whatever cake you choose, they’ve all been baked and handled with the utmost care. And they taste pretty amazing too, family and friends won’t even taste the difference!

Discover it for yourself!