Why did you decide to focuss on vegan cakes with OKayks? That is a question that I have received more often than expected since the launch! I belong to the group of flexitarians and flexi-vegans, who have not yet fully switched to a vegan diet, but eat as much plant-based food as possible. My main reason for doing this is to avoid lactose and to reduce my ecological footprint. But of course there are many more reasons to go completely vegan. For example, for religious reasons or to live a longer life. Because for non-vegans it might be new, I will list the top reasons for you in this blog.


Did you know that the world’s livestock population emits more greenhouse gases than all road traffic put together? You have probably heard about the effect of cow gasses on the environment. But manure and the production of animal feed also release greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide) that are more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. By removing meat, dairy and other animal products from your diet, you can save up to 60% on greenhouse gases compared to a meat-eater. Reason enough to give veganism a try, but there is more!


Consuming meat is a lot different than it was years ago. Without any link to the natural cycles in nature, we are now talking about cattle factories where you cannot expect any attention for animal welfare. A reason for many vegans to stop eating animal products is the bio-industry. Intensive livestock farming where the focus is on ‘producing’ meat and other animal products as quickly and cheaply as possible. Animals that are crammed into cages that are too small, stuffed full of (growth) hormones and never see the light of day. Various documentaries and mediahave reported on this in recent years. After seeing such images, the step to a plant-based diet is quickly made.


And then, of course, there are those who choose a vegan lifestyle for health reasons. For example, because they suffer from an allergy or intolerance. Did you know that around 2.5 million Dutch peoplehave lactose intolerance? There are also people with a cow’s milk or a egg allergy. A plant-based diet can also help keep your hormones in balance. Many hormone diets advise against animal products because they can increase oestrogen levels in the body. There are also numerous scientific articles promoting the vegan diet for better immunity, a stronger body and a sharper mind. And what is more important than feeling good about yourself? Definitely worth a try!

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Why go vegan 3 reasons to eat (more) plant-based